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PhuongLien NhaSuong
PhuongLien NhaSuong

Five Ultimate Team Enhancements for EA FC 25

As EA FC 24's Ultimate Team mode received mixed reviews, there is clear room for improvement in the upcoming FC 25 Coins. As we approach the release of the new game, here are five key changes that could enhance the Ultimate Team experience:

Collection Book: The introduction of a "Collection Book" feature in EA FC 25 could be transformative. This would allow players to store their duplicate items, creating a comprehensive library of all collected cards. Players could view stats, chemistry, and even exchange duplicates for valuable rewards like coins, packs, or special player items. This would not only reduce clutter, but also give players a greater sense of progression and accomplishment as they fill out their collection.

Icon Managers: The handling of icons and legends could use some improvement. Currently, they are treated like regular players, with individual chemistry links and…

PhuongLien NhaSuong
PhuongLien NhaSuong

Madden 25 New Features and Release Date

As a staple in sports gaming, the Madden NFL series continues to grow and attract football fans around the world. The upcoming release of Mut 25 coins promises to bring a new wave of excitement and innovation to the series.

EA Sports has officially confirmed that Madden 25 will be released worldwide on August 16, 2024. Fans eager to get in on the action can take advantage of the early access period by pre-ordering the game. Pre-orderers will get an exclusive chance to play Madden 25 three days before the official release on August 13, 2024. This early access allows loyal players to experience new features and game enhancements before everyone else.

Madden 25 will introduce several new features and upgrades designed to enhance the gaming experience. While details are still emerging, here are some of the key improvements players can expect:


PhuongLien NhaSuong
PhuongLien NhaSuong

Diablo IV Season 5 Mid-Season Patch Coming Soon

Blizzard has announced that the much-anticipated Diablo 4 Items Season 5 Mid-Season Patch is coming soon. The news comes as the gaming community is eagerly anticipating the grand launch of Season 5 and the subsequent public beta phase.

After the turbulence of the previous season, Diablo players have reason to be excited about the upcoming changes. The massive overhaul of loot respawns has breathed new life into the game’s development, while the recent addition of pets has made adventures in Sanctuary even more interesting. Fans are already looking forward to the release of the first DLC and the introduction of a brand new class that will join the RPG.

Originally, the mid-season update was scheduled to be released after the scheduled release of the Diablo IV Season 5 Public Test Realm (PTR). However, Blizzard decided to make a slight revision to this…

PhuongLien NhaSuong
PhuongLien NhaSuong
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