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Learn & Earn by
trading 1,200,000+
assets on CTG

CTG provides a white-label EdTech Platform targets to startups to build their own social investment networks like eToro 

Bitcoin ETF,

Crypto Fund




With the Right Fintech Software, startups can become millionaire

  • Its CTG EdTech Platform allows startups to earn 1 million USD to create their own social investment network from;-

  1. Launching of - Free Fintech Course on how to trade like billionaires etc. and earn US$10 per each Certificate request

  2. Launching of “white label” Trading Challenge and earn US$10 or more per Trader Applicants

  • CTG conservatively targets to have 1,000 online students per whitelabel platform per year, amounting to a total of 120 million students on 120,000 white label platforms per year. (One of the Main targets is 400 million plus Chinese students)


What We Offer

CTG offers an Education Technology Platform (EdTech) which is a mass produced “white label solution”, limited to 120,000 startups.

Edtech for 

Limited EdTech Platform limited to 120,000 Startups to launch an Online Course and/or a Trading Challenge by choosing 900,000+ assets, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, options, futures, metals and currencies to choose from.

Famed Publicity Right

CTG has the honor to use the signatures of 22nd Prime Minister of Thailand and of former Advisor of Ministry of Interior on a combined total 150 million copies of Certificate of Performance per for the mass produced “white label” Trading Challenge Project”

Endorsement by 
Former Banker

CTG secured an agreement with a former Managing Director of multi-billion dollar state owned Bank to become Co-Trader and trade for unlimited Traders for “FREE”. CTG conservatively targets to have 100 million Traders to earn US$ 2.5 billion per Year.

Global Investment Network

CTG targets to create a global Social Financial Market Infrastructure by allow Traders in the ecosystem to view what top traders are doing and copy in real time with no management fee or hidden costs. CTG charges US$ 49 monthly fixed fee to Copied Investor and pay US$10 to Signal Trader. 

Built for Startups,
by Professionals

•Each Trading Challenge can access to global financial instruments via CTG Proprietary Trading Platform e.g. 900,000+ instruments of live price Fixed Income, FX & Metals, ultra low latency Futures, Options for both Vanilla and exotics, Stocks & ETFs via 40+ exchanges at institutional rates.

Branded Edtech Platform

Learn locally,

 Earn globally 

VPS Server for Copied Trader

All-in-one Proprietary Trading account

  • Power-All Networks is a subsidiary of Foxconn (one of the largest computer related ODM manufacturer in the world),

       R& D center of Inter-Cloud computing technology.

What Our Partners Say

CTG Financial technology will helps online trading financial institutions to generate more revenue with social trading technology and wisdom of crowd

Steve Hui
Power-All Networks Ltd.

Our aim is to capture the opportunity to expand our social trading whitelabel to Chinese market which we believe is driving unprecedented change in the global financial community.

Kim In Soo, Capital Trust Group

•Each Social Investment Platform will be launched under Fortius Capital Foundation, Dubai in the form of Crypto Fund x Bluechip Stock Trading Challenge

Jose R.,
Fortius Capital Foundation

Explore Our Pricing Options

Annual Admin Fee of our whitelabel Edtech Platform

  • Best Value


    Every month
    EdTech Platform White label Detail ;
    Valid for 12 months
    • Access to Over 400,000+ instruments
    • Live price Fixed Income, FX & Metals
    • Ultra low latency Futures, Options
    • Stocks & ETFs via 40+ exchanges at institutional rates.

Get Ready to build your investor network With Our Whitelabel Edtech Solution

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