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MEASURING the size of Matching Rings

This is how you can DO IT RIGHT

Measurement of ring size: methods, tips and techniques

It's an engagement ring or a wedding ring, the way it feels when you wear it needs to be just right! A ring that's too tight can make the finger feel cramped and, if the circumference is too large, the valuable piece of jewelry may slide off your finger and get lost. It is vital that the ring's size is correct. What are the most effective methods of measuring ring sizes? And which one is the most reliable?

We'll teach you how to determine the size of your ring using the best tips and tricks. We'll also provide an overview of the top tools and the most precise ring size tables.

Options for measuring ring size A brief overview

Tips: The ring size template is the most effective method to use for you to determine your partner's ring size such as to pick an engagement ring. You can learn how to use a ring to determine the circumference of the ring in the "Methods" section below.

Avoid pitfalls small when determining the size of a ring

You should keep in mind when determining the ideal size of ring that the circumference may fluctuate throughout the day, and at different temperatures. When it's cold in the morning, your fingers are thinner. They expand when temperatures are hot. The fingers on the right and left hand are often different in size. Weight fluctuations and pregnancy are other factors that can influence the circumference.

To take these fluctuations into account, it's recommended to take multiple measurements in different conditions - i.e. At different times of day and in different temperatures. It is also advisable to measure your ring shortly after you buy the ring.

If you are unsure of the right spot on the finger where you should measure, the following applies The majority of rings are placed over the middle joint (the second joint). Measure between the second joint and the third. However, if it is a thumb ring be sure to measure between the joint of the thumb and the base of the thumb.

To determine the perfect size for your ring, it's best to take several measurements. Take measurements in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, in warmer and cooler environments and on different days. Add all measurements together and divide by the number of measurements to determine the average circumference of the ring.

Methods for determining the correct ring size

The most reliable way to determine the size of a ring is to do it directly on the fingers of the person wearing the ring. You can also take measurements of a ring already in your possession. This method doesn't account for temperature or time fluctuations. It is also not quite as accurate. The accuracy of the instruments you have available may also differ. A professional ring-sizer or ring-template will give more accurate results than a piece of thread, which is usually used to measure. Below you will find an in-depth guide to the most common methods of measuring the size of rings.

Online and in jewelers, you can find different sizes of ring templates. There are two types of ring sizes.

In the initial version the first one, you'll compare a good ring against the various sizes on the template. To do this, simply place the ring on the dimensions and then compare which one matches the ring. For the second option, you use a template with the ring's dimensions punched out or with different sample rings punched out. This gives you the chance to test your fingers through the cutouts and test which size fits best. You can also obtain an ring size template that is practical from us at a fair price.


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