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Maximizing Your Endgame Experience in New World: A Comprehensive Guide for Level 60 Players

Congratulations on reaching level 60 in New World! You've conquered the leveling journey, but your New World Coins adventure is far from over. As you transition into the endgame content, there are numerous activities and goals to pursue to further enhance your character and experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential aspects of what to do at level 60 in New World, including expertise and gear score, Brimstone Sands quests, expedition runs, PvP content, gearing strategies, and more.

Expertise and Gear Score

Upon reaching level 60, your focus should shift towards increasing your expertise and gear score. This involves participating in various activities such as expeditions, outpost rush, PvP arenas, and wars to earn better gear and increase your character's power level.

Brimstone Sands Quests

The Brimstone Sands quests offer challenging content and valuable rewards. Complete these quests to earn unique items and gear that will aid you in your adventures.

Gypsum Chest Runs

Gypsum chest runs are a great way to obtain gypsum, which is used to craft expertise-boosting items. Strategically plan your routes to maximize the number of chests you can open within a set timeframe.


Participating in expeditions is crucial for acquiring high-level gear and increasing your expertise. Form a competent group and tackle these challenging dungeons to reap the rewards.

Expedition Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry

Expedition runs offer exclusive weapons, armor, and jewelry with powerful attributes. Focus on obtaining these items to optimize your character build for endgame content.

Outpost Rush and PvP Arenas

Engage in Outpost Rush and PvP arenas to test your skills against other players while earning valuable rewards and PvP-specific gear.


Joining faction wars provides opportunities for large-scale PvP battles and territorial control. Coordinate with your faction to dominate the battlefield and claim victory.

PvP Reward Track, Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry

Participate in PvP activities to progress through the reward track and unlock exclusive weapons, armor, and jewelry tailored for PvP combat.

Gearing Strategies for Fresh Level 60 Players

As a fresh level 60, focus on completing expeditions, participating in PvP activities, and completing faction quests to acquire gear upgrades. Prioritize items that align with your character build and playstyle.

Professions to Focus on at Level 60

Continue to level up your crafting and gathering professions to craft high-quality gear and consumables. Consider specializing in professions that complement your character's strengths and preferences.

What to Do After Reaching 600 Expertise

After reaching 600 expertise in your preferred gear slots, continue to participate in endgame content to optimize your build further. Experiment with different gear combinations, refine your skills, and enjoy the diverse challenges New World has to offer.

In conclusion, reaching level 60 in New World marks the beginning of a new chapter in your journey. By focusing on increasing your expertise, participating in expeditions and PvP activities, and optimizing your gear, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the toughest challenges the game has to offer. Keep exploring buy New World Coins , battling, and evolving your character to become a legendary force in Aeternum.


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